FAQs – SEPIA Jewellery


★ All Sepia jewellery pieces are made of brass gold plated 18k or platinum plated. 

★ When you order from Sepia, your order is delivered within 10 days, as we are seeking for the best quality for our 100% handmade products. 

★ SEPIA offers ✨

• Free shipping for your second order from Sepia within the same month of the first. 

★ Payment method:

• Cash on delivery 

★ Sepia Refund Policy:

When you receive your order, you must check it well before the courier leaves, if you want to refund it, it must be given to the courier immediately, but after that you send it to us within a week of receiving your order.

★ How to keep your SEPIA piece always shiny ✨

• The best way to keep your sepia piece shiny is to take it off after wearing it and put it in its box

• For permanent shine, do not put it in direct contact with any chemicals such as antiseptics, perfumes, etc.

• Make sure to take it off before diving in any water, swimming pools or beaches.