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About us


On a beautiful December day, it was raining outside, when each of the five girls grabbed her pen and drew her first sepia sketch. Five talented girls, graduated from faculty of fine arts, decided to utilize their talent in design and their passion for the Egyptian civilization. It all started with a college project as it was required from the five girls to make a handemade product inspired by ancient civilizations, it wasn't easy at all! as it was their first time to make a product from scratch. They had to deal with lots of challenges! But it's said that when women work together, they form a bond unlike other! And that's sparked the idea.

The five girls had an intense fondness for the Egyptian history so they wanted to spread its culture all over the world, they decided to found an Egyptian jewellery brand with Egyptian hands thoughts and designs. Each design is inspired by a story about a myth or a belief from the past. They wrote the story behind every piece on papyrus and put them with the jewellery so you can get your story with every piece! 

Pull the thread, open it, read it and discover more secrets about our ancestors! In SEPIA we believe that the meaningful things always win.

They decided to call their brand SEPIA Jewellery! Now you are asking why SEPIA ?! SEPIA is a shade of brown, that's the color which Davinci used in his paintings to revive art in the renaissance era. So they used the name of this color as a meaning for the revival of our Egyptian culture. In SEPIA we believe that our heritage dosen't only belong to museums and books but aslo our lives and in every Egyptian home.